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company's policy of preserving the environment

1. the company's environmental record an annual record of hazardous substances and waste, as well as a permanent committee to study the environmental problems in addition to the studies of the environmental impact assessment for new projects

2. The company a month and every six months by measuring the emissions of all kinds and analysis of industrial waste water

3. The company is committed to the instructions of the EEAA.

4. The company's environmental commitment for the disposal of solid waste oils and succession plan.

5. The company's social and positive role for the surrounding environment.


First :

The company has to pump investments worth 11.5 million pounds during the year 2008/2009 in favor of the following environmental projects:

- Maintenance of fans and Selkonat and pipe gas main and cover belts (sintering / furnaces).

- Change the suction fans dust furnaces 3.4.

- Buy and change the drainage lines and Saanat drag lines and cover the belt after charging oven 3.

- Periodic Saanat boiler Dolomite

- Run 3 purification plant Nile water

Second, projects under implementation: -

- Restoration of the tunnel pull fumes from the sulfuric acid pickling tubs

- The removal of pickling tubs Rubberized and ebonite

- Preparation of environmental impact assessment study

Thirdly, the planned projects 2009/2010

- Rehabilitation of sintering machines (2) in order to reduce consumption of natural gas, coal, sand and electricity and thus reduce pollutants at an estimated cost of 60 million Egyptian pounds

- Gary study retrieval sulfuric acid cold rolled project initial cost of 30 million Egyptian pounds

company works in the field of community service


The medical sector to provide health care for all employees of the company, as well as define them foreign specialized hospitals to carry out the necessary - surgery and follow-up of their health and follow up on cases of injuries and contract with the teachers staff specialists to detect patients sheet clinic company in order to provide better health service treatments, processes and analyzes the rays naturally and treatment on the side Company

Iron and steel Sports Club Social

The goals of the club:

It regulates the club's sporting, social, cultural and religious activities in order to ensure access to the objectives required in the policy and planning, which puts the club's board limits and in the framework of the general policy of the State to achieve these objectives and in particular the following:

The social bond between the members of the club through the deployment and development of sports and community spirit among members and then to practice different types of sports, social and cultural activity

Use of leisure time sound exploited to benefit members and the physical and cultural development for workers and their families.

Composition of the largest number of sports teams with the largest number of members and trained and trained right sound.

Putting the right planning to reach the level of sports teams to the tournament.

Organizing and holding indoor and outdoor games and concerts representative and cinema trips and summer holidays.

Organize sports days and festivals.

Organization and presentation of the cultural and social films.

The club offers a lot of activities to serve the company's employees and their families and to serve the residents of the region as opposed to contributing to the company's senior reception guests These activities are divided into: sports activities, social, cultural, religious and artistic activities

First: sports activities

It is divided into a private company and the activities of the members of the club's activities and the company's teams participating in the General Sports Federation of corporate activities in all the different mathematics.

Second: social, cultural, religious and artistic activities:

Social, cultural, religious and artistic activity plan for the 2010 season

1. The planning and coordination of recreational and cultural trips to many cities and tourist landmarks and monuments coastal cities.

2. Celebrations within the club of national holidays, events and establish a binge.

3. The celebration of religious events and the establishment of religious competitions and awards.

4. Establishing Resorts members and their families in various coastal cities.

5. Social events where the club provides halls for concerts and special events happy club members and employees of the company, such as weddings and birthdays at nominal prices

Social services and the company Aladaraah

Social Research:

- Are the work of field research to address the social phenomena among workers

- Offers a good interest-free loan to meet the needs of workers

- Emergency Committee fund to help workers when exposed to disasters-fire

Family pathological conditions

- A nursery home for the children of workers comapny

- Company visit patients in hospitals and disbursement of subsidies and giving gifts of cash

Social activity:

- Working to achieve psychological balance and the development of social ties among workers

Through leisure trips and watch theatrical performances and resorts

Coastal cities


- Honoring workers who have spent in the company's 20-year-25-30-35-40 years

Providing material rewards

sport activities :

- The company is working to provide activities Alrbih to build worker physically and mentally and subscribe

In contests organized by unions quality and festivals in national events

Competition and sports activities between the companies to show the present through

Tournaments cost

nutrition :

The company provides meals DM for the company's employees integrated components

In events on a monthly basis according to the needs of workers and is offering this service through the various sectors and the central Alammerksais to facilitate working for these different services


Providing stability of workers to cope with the housing crisis has provided the company number 4860

Housing units for workers housing near their workplace in addition to providing cities and new share close to their workplace

The company possesses information center and network of computers is currently under development through an integrated information system, which aims to implement the automation of financial, administrative and commercial productivity and technical systems the company and its subsidiaries as an integrated system and provide all the required information accurately and in a timely manner, leading to sound decisions based on the information and accurate data and to serve the areas of planning systems and resource development ERP applications: financial / commercial / administrative / productivity and technical using the latest databases and applications systems from Oracle (Oracle) world have successfully supply and installation of major computer equipment and network information and Gary work tests in preparation for the operation of the act being implemented applications and personnel training business automated computer users and applications from different sectors during the current tests

1 - the company believes in the policy of the importance of training as influential in raising the skill and efficiency of personnel and training plan based company on two foundations. a. The first axis :

Training within the company:

- Progressive programs (maintenance - vibrations - oils - Industrial Security)

- Hydraulic control programs.

- Industrial Alambrmjat programs.

B. The second axis:

Training outside the company:

- The company is keeping the trainees outside the company to upgrade the technical and scientific level of leadership and specialized centers in the Arab Republic of Egypt

- The company is preparing a plan to train newly hired workers to raise efficiency and technical skill.

The aim of the training plan of the company for the training year 2010/2011 to train 20% of the total employment of the company.

2 - vocational training centers of the company:

The company owns a compound of vocational training centers joined by recipients of prep to get a diploma apprenticeship after studying the 36 months practically and theoretically on the character of the following professions:

Turning, carpentry, industrial electricity, electric appliances, car maintenance

The number of students three years, 569 in the academic year 2009/2010 and are training these students practical training within the company sectors.