Iron and steel company Egyptian
Iron and steel company Egyptian
metallurgical industries Co.
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Company Profile

Considers Iron And Steel Company (a subsidiary of Egyptian joint stock) of a major iron and steel production companies operating in the public sector under the law and the volume of investments 650,734,916 LE
Of the most important acts practiced by the company is the production of iron and steel products conform to the specifications and the highest quality and lowest cost according to the need of local and global market at a rate of Mistoyanteg up to 2.1 million metric tons, and it is a pleasure that the company's businesses and businessmen and traders who offer to have the desire and interest in investing in this field, investment opportunities and marketing NES
All major products and subsidiary company has available, you will find information about its abbreviation in our website
We are also pleased to receive directly from companies and businessmen and merchants any questions or request detailed information on the products available or proposed for their part
As well as other technical services and manufacture of spare parts manufacturing equipment investment maintenance of electrical equipment operating in the field of heavy industry
** Wishing opportunities marketed meet the needs of customers **


Chairman of the Board and Managing Director
Eng \ Ehab Mohammed Abd Elaziz